3 Vitamins You Aren't Getting Enough of in the Winter

3 Vitamins You Aren't Getting Enough of in the Winter

It’s strange to think of seasonal vitamin deficiencies in the way that one thinks about seasonal allergies, but they’re a risk for everyone during the winter months!

Already during winter, you typically are less active, and your mood might even dip from time to time because of the lack of sunshine. One of the reasons why the holidays are so magical is because of the respite they give us from grey skies and short days!

For a woman who is trying to stay on top of her health, though, winter can provide unexpected challenges just like these vitamin deficiencies.

Vitamin D

Calling back to the idea of shorter days and less sunlight because of them, you might find yourself suffering from a vitamin D deficiency during winter–otherwise known as the sunshine vitamin!

During other months, it’s easy enough to go outside for a walk or spend some time by a window with an open curtain. But in the winter, just the simple act of getting some sun can be awfully complicated.

Because of the days becoming shorter, you have less time than usual to soak up rays of vitamin D, and that’s if you ever get time since you’re probably working or otherwise occupied!

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the vitamin that’s directly responsible for your immune system doing its job as intended, so keeping up your reserves of vitamin C during flu and cold season is super important.

Although your usual amount of vitamin C is enough during the other seasons, you’re not constantly having to ward off other people’s germs during that time in the same concentration as you have to during the winter.

No one likes getting sick on a snow day, so be sure to eat citrus fruits, greens, and other fruits and vegetables to maintain your vitamin C levels. The seasonal favorite of cranberries is an amazing source of vitamin C!

If you’re not much of a fruit eater, then look for alternatives.

Not only is vitamin C important for your immune health, but it’s also important for your skin’s health as well! So, Fièra’s Citrus Serum is an amazing solution to keep your vitamin C levels where they should be.

Fièra’s Citrus Serum firms your skin, improving its elasticity, while also using Caribbean orange oil to nourish your skin to fight off signs of aging. Since oranges are a citrus fruit, they’re also high in antioxidants (another must for a proper skincare routine) and vitamin C!

Vitamin E

In addition to vitamin C, vitamin E also plays a huge role in ensuring your skin’s health. Many beauty products will use vitamin E because it acts as a moisturizer for your skin.

Your skin will be constantly battling the frigid climate of the winter weather, so be sure to treat it well and give it all of the support you can. No one wants red, flaky, and cracked skin because the cold was a bit rougher than they thought it would be.

You can get vitamin E by eating almonds, peanut butter, and avocado among other plants, but since moisturizing is probably already a part of your daily routine, it could be worthwhile to look into a moisturizer that includes vitamin E as an ingredient.

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