4 Tips to Taking the Perfect Selfie- at any age!

4 Tips to Taking the Perfect Selfie- at any age!

No matter your age, it’s hard to resist the desire to take the perfect selfie and share it on your social media accounts.

Whether it’s a selfie to show off a makeup look that you’ve recently perfected or just a selfie because you felt like taking one, you should give yourself the best chance that you can for the photo to turn out absolutely fantastic!

So, here are a few tips for getting the best picture that you can no matter when you snap that shot.

Check your lighting

Lighting can make or break a photo, so it’s important to make sure that you’re giving yourself the best chance that you can with one of the most basic photography principles. 

For the most part, front lighting is best. As in, your light source for the photo should be in front of you and shining on your face.

The light shouldn’t be so bright that you’re squinting to see past it, but it should be bright enough to make sure that no shadows are hiding parts of your face unless that’s what you want out of your photo. 

Natural lighting is preferable to any light that has pigment. Some light bulbs will shine with a slightly yellow tinge that could make your entire photo come out slightly yellow.

Take a few test shots to gauge it and go from there.

Apply some simple makeup

Even applying just some concealer can make a huge difference in your selfie as it will even out your skin and hide any dark circles or redness that might be present.

Make sure to apply your concealer properly, though, to make sure that it looks the best that it can. 

For a quick and simple tip that can make it much easier, apply some moisturizer and let it sink in first. That will keep your skin from drying out or feeling nasty at the end of the day, and the right moisturizer can have a huge effect on your skin’s health.

Keep a good skin routine

If you’re taking a selfie, then people are going to be able to see your skin up close, and it’s probably worth investing in a good skincare routine where you might not even feel the need to apply makeup before you snap your selfie. 

Using Fièra’s Apple Stem Cell Cream consistently each day can bring a youthful glow back to your skin through its hydrating properties all while providing antioxidants that will take care of any harmful free radicals to keep your skin from forming more fine lines. 

Fièra strives to support mature women in their efforts to keep up with trends and feel beautiful no matter their age so our products are specifically designed for mature women and their skin.

Consider the background

There are dozens of selfie fails on the internet that go viral because of an unfortunate situation that’s happening behind the subject of the photo.

They’re funny to look at, and we’ve all laughed at a few. However, it can be really unfortunate when you worked hard to get that shot and no one is even paying attention to you. Checking your surroundings before taking the picture can be a benefit you didn’t even expect.

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