Adult Acne? Here Are Some Possible Culprits

The effects of acne are often understated. In reality, these seemingly innocuous bumps can do some serious damage to your confidence and self-image. More importantly, sometimes acne is a symptom of a greater problem. 

In this article, we’ll talk about the causes of adult acne and what you can do about it.

Possible Causes of Adult Acne

Where is your acne on your face? Depending on where your acne is can tell you a lot about what might be causing it.  

Forehead & hairline acne: Digestion issues, stress, diet, lack of sleep, not washing your hair often enough, and potential haircare products 

Temples: Stress, oils, and dehydration

Nose: Poor diet, constipation, and poor circulation

Cheeks: Cellphone, allergies, your pillowcase, digestion, and makeup 

Jawline & Chin: Hormone imbalance, poor diet, and dehydration

With that sneak peek into your acne face map, let’s discuss some of the recurring factors that you might’ve noticed.

  • Hormones: Yes, this still applies to adults. When your hormone levels shift, you might see a change in the condition of your skin. This can be true for men and women alike, but situations such as pregnancy, menstruation, or menopause can cause additional acne for women. Make sure to wash your face twice a day, and moisturize afterward. 


  • Diet: Your diet can be a considerable factor when considering where your acne issue is stemming from. A diet that includes a lot of fat, sugar, and junk food will sometimes result in poor skin conditions. Likewise, food sensitivities can cause adult acne. Try cutting out certain foods that you’ve noticed have bothered your stomach, like lactose or added sugar. 


  • Water: Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is essential to your skin health and overall wellbeing. It helps flush out your system, leaving your skin and your body happy and healthy. 

What You Can Do

Talk to your dermatologist about these possible causes, and what your acne situation might be coming from. In most cases, things will clear up on their own, or with a slight change of habit, but for professional guidance, discuss your condition with your doctor. 


In the meantime, you can use a concealer to cover up any acne you may be experiencing. Fièra Cosmetics Anti-Aging Concealer is built specifically with mature skin in mind. Without seeping into fine lines, or wrinkles, this concealer provides customer-approved spot-correction, with ingredients meant to restore, rehydrate, shield, and protect your skin. For shade matching, we recommend selecting one shade lighter than your skin tone. 


**Mask acne: Wearing a mask is important to stopping the spread of the coronavirus. It’s important to wash or change your mask frequently to keep your face and mask as clean as possible. Otherwise, you might begin to experience “mask-ne,” otherwise known as mask-acne. If you wear a mask to work, (along with washing it after every use) make sure you do a proper cleansing of your face twice a day at home to help keep that area nice and clean. Stay safe, and stay healthy.


For more advice regarding skin health, especially with older adults, check out the products Fièra Cosmetics has to offer and visit our blog for other tips and tricks. 

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