Aging is Inevitable, Growing Old is a Choice

Aging is Inevitable, Growing Old is a Choice

Aging is a completely natural process that everyone will go through in their lives. Father Time doesn’t stop for anyone, so that means that aging isn’t something to be ashamed of or worried about. It will eventually happen to everyone.

Growing old, though, sounds like it would also be inevitable, right? Nope. Growing old is different from aging in that it means you, as an aging person, are changing who you are because of the fact that you’re aging.

Some things inevitably will have to change when you age, like your makeup routine or your priorities. But who you really are- your spirit and your soul- those things do not have to change.

Here are some ways that people choose to grow old that are 100% within your control.

Growing Old Means Never Trying Out New Things

It’s easy to slip into a routine, and there’s nothing wrong with being more comfortable when you’re in your element. We’re all guilty of ordering the same thing at the same restaurant every time because we know it’s good.

It’s when you choose to never try anything new that you may find your young soul getting bored.

Some people will stick to their routines like clockwork to the point where every single one of their movements and choices can probably be predicted. That’s when they’ve grown old.

You can keep yourself from slipping into this habit by changing one or two things every now and again. Have a new drink, go out with your friends to a new restaurant, spice things up by cooking a new recipe, take a new route on a walk or a bike ride.

Trying out a new makeup routine is also a great way to keep yourself busy! Our team at Fièra wrote this list of makeup routines with different times to get ready in mind, with a different routine depending on the day.

Fièra’s products are made with aging women in mind, so we’ve always got your back (and neck)! Our Multi-Effect Neck + Décolletage Cream is vegan and cruelty-free, so you can feel good when using it to tighten up crepey or sagging skin in sensitive areas such as your neck or your cleavage.

Growing Old Means No Longer Feeling Excited 

Tying into the last point about trying new things, every day is an adventure in its own right. There is always something new around every single corner, and you just have to go and find it. You never stop learning, and you never lose the ability to explore the world, even if your expedition is just to a different corner of town.

You should never lose your youthful love of exploring and discovering new things. You don’t have to deny your age, but having a verve for life and adventure is key to not growing old.

We aren’t talking about jumping out of planes and taking up hitchhiking again (ah, the 70s). Getting excited means finding joy in even the simplest of things.

A bird outside your window, an afternoon with a son or daughter, putting together a tasty lunch: all of these things are small details that can represent an enormous amount of joy. And when you find yourself getting excited about something every day, then you still have a young heart.

Growing Old Means Giving Up on You Old Goals

What made you feel passionate when you were younger? Did you want to be a movie star? Write the greaet American novel? Go up into space like Sally Ride?

Maybe you’ve achieved some of your goals, and maybe there are others that slipped through the cracks. Your goals may mature as you get older, but that’s different from giving up on them.

For example, maybe when you were young you wanted to earn fame and fortune as a professional dancer. But now, you want to enjoy dancing as much as you can, and find time to dance without feeling embarrassed, even when things get busy. 

It’s wonderful to see your goals mature, but don’t give up on them. If there was something that once filled your life with zest and contentment, don’t let it go, and don’t become self-conscious about it. People will see your joy shine through you as soon as you start dancing.

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