Causes of Redness in the Skin (and What to do About it)

Causes of Redness in the Skin (and What to do About it)

There are many causes of redness in skin which range from poor skincare to a condition that you might want to get checked out by a dermatologist. However, redness in skin where there is no pain because of the redness has a few different causes that are treatable.


Rosacea is what most people default to when self-diagnosing why their skin is red for seemingly no reason. Rosacea is a condition where people appear to blush or flush more easily than others, and the color does not go away.

The color is caused by certain triggers that are unique to each person but may include:

  • Spicy food
  • High temperatures
  • Stress
  • Being hit by cold wind or cold air


The triggers can be different for everyone, so work with your doctor to find what is bothering you.

It is not contagious, and it’s not uncommon, either. Many people experience the symptoms of the condition, possibly around 415 million people worldwide. Although it is common, there is no “cure” for the condition, but it can be treated.

Cosmetic Creams can Treat Mild Redness

Dermatologists recommend judging how severe your case is and working from there. If it is not very severe, then creams and other products which assist with lowering inflammation may be all that you need to calm the condition. 

If your condition is more severe, then prescribed medication will most likely work best for you such as antibiotics. In some rare cases, laser surgery might be what is needed to treat your rosacea.

Most times, though, store-bought, over-the-counter remedies will be enough.

Use Sea Buckthorn Oil to Combat Redness

Luckily, there are many ways to combat redness, including wholly natural ways such as through topical products like Fièra Apple Stem Cell Cream. 

Certain skincare products will include ingredients in addition to those meant to moisturize your skin that will combat redness and inflammation. In the case of Fièra Apple Stem Cell Cream, the sea buckthorn oil is a natural additive that will do just that.

In addition to moisturizing your skin, the Apple Stem Cell Cream will also improve skin elasticity and includes Vitamin E which is a potent antioxidant which will reduce free radicals, preventing your skin’s condition from worsening.

Track Your Progress

When you first begin a treatment for your skin’s redness, it’s important to keep in mind that, just like how it took time for your skin’s condition to worsen, it will also take time for your skin’s condition to improve. Four to six weeks is a good time estimate for when you should see notable improvement, but improvement can also be tracked in other ways.

If you want to see more proof of your improvement, then you can take pictures each day. It’s important to track your skincare routine so that you have tangible proof of what your daily efforts are achieving.

Daily effort is important to note as well. Just applying a topical treatment once or twice is not enough to bring the change that you want. It has to be a constant effort on your part to improve your skin’s health. Otherwise, the little progress that you made in the time that you were consistently adhering to your routine may go away.

Nature’s Healing Properties

The best products are the ones that utilize natural ingredients to soothe the skin. With the Apple Stem Cell Cream, you can take advantage of natural, cruelty-free ingredients like Vitamin E, rejuvenating Apple stem cells, and sea buckthorn oil. But don’t take our word for it, scroll through our reviews from real Fièra customers that all speak to the unbelievable results.

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