How to avoid cleavage wrinkles

How to avoid cleavage wrinkles

When you age, it can be hard to think of a single body part that isn’t beginning to develop wrinkles. It can feel like everywhere you look, a new set has formed seemingly overnight. They’re a natural part of aging, and there’s no shame in having them, but it can still be perplexing.

A woman’s cleavage is not even safe from the test of time, and some of the most notable wrinkles are cleavage wrinkles.

Where do cleavage wrinkles usually form?

Most of the time, cleavage wrinkles form in the area above or around the cleavage.

This area can also extend to the area immediately below the neck. Wrinkles from both areas can merge and become deeper, making it an important area to track when you’re beginning to age.

Why do cleavage wrinkles form?

Women who are well-endowed can be prone to deep, vertical wrinkles forming around their cleavage. This is because of a similar reason to most other wrinkles: gravity.

When you lay on your side, the breast on top will fall to rest against the breast on the bottom or even fall past it depending on your posture while sleeping. This is an unnatural position for the breast, and it’s far past the midpoint of your torso where your breasts usually lay.

This puts stress on the skin around the area as it is being stretched to accommodate the unnatural position. 

Those who have a smaller chest size are still at risk for experiencing the growth of these wrinkles as well. When wearing a pushup bra or a sports bra, the same issue occurs. You are placing your breasts into an unnatural position, and you may be stretching the skin.

If you have larger breasts, you could just avoid sleeping on your side to attempt to prevent the wrinkles from forming, and you could always swear off pushup bras and sports bras, but there are better ways to go about it that don’t sacrifice your comfort.

How to prevent wrinkles

Many experts recommend moisturizer as a method of preventing cleavage wrinkles from forming for women with larger chest sizes, especially those who are aging. 

When you age, your skin basically becomes less elastic than it was when you were younger. This is because of a breakdown of a compound in your skin called collagen. Your body’s ability to replace collagen as you age decreases. This means that your skin becomes less likely to go back to its original condition after being stressed.

By moisturizing the affected areas, you’re hydrating your skin and keeping it from becoming loose or saggy. It can help to firm your skin. 

Applying deep moisturizers at night and then moisturizers that protect your skin from outside harm like UV rays or other environmental factors are differences that should be taken into account when creating your nighttime and daytime skincare routines.

Fièra Luxury Neck Cream is made for women concerned about this very issue. Although it can also act as an effective neck cream, it can also be used to prevent cleavage wrinkles as it is a powerful and deep moisturizer.

Since cleavage wrinkles can often merge with neck wrinkles, it also means that you can prevent and treat two kinds of deep wrinkles at once.

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