How to Keep them Guessing your Age

How to Keep them Guessing your Age

The old saying goes that a lady should never reveal her age. Nowadays, real ladies know that you can be beautiful and graceful at any age, but it is still fun to keep them guessing.

Some clear signs of aging skin include wrinkles and fine lines, skin that appears thinner, and dark spots from sun exposure. Though these are simply signs of having lived a full life, many women choose to utilize skincare to lessen the appearance of these features and keep their friends, family, and coworkers unsuspecting of their true age.

With these few tips and tricks, you too can appear ageless.

The right makeup routine

Applying makeup on mature skin can be a great way to reduce the appearance of aging. Simple, neutral shades and Fièra’s specially formulated products help to revive and complement mature skin without feeling overwhelming. 

Makeup doesn’t necessarily have to be bright or glamorous to make you feel gorgeous on a daily basis, and a great example of this is the Fièra Cosmetics Luxury Concealer. This concealer is specially designed for mature skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines rather than emphasizing them as other concealers might.

A concealer like this offers full coverage while also restoring a youthful appearance to the skin.

Full of antioxidant power, collagen, and vitamin C, the Fièra concealer not only buffs out the appearance of wrinkles, but actively improves skin’s elasticity and moisture, leading to truly healthier skin over time. With a makeup routine that incorporates the luxury concealer, you can easily keep them guessing your age.

The importance of confidence

Having the confidence to be fully yourself can instantly give you that youthful glow that keeps people guessing your age. Things like a trusty makeup routine, a beautiful dress, and a bright smile can do wonders for both your mood and your appearance.

While incorporating a makeup routine using Fièra’s Luxury Concealer can certainly boost your confidence, this is not the only way to do so. Other self-care practices including but not limited to skincare can also make you feel amazing in your skin.

Simply taking a small amount of your day to focus on your own relaxation and beautification can boost your confidence and bring a youthful smile to your face.

Incorporating some self-care into your daily routine can easily make you feel more confident, and this confidence will read clearly to your family and friends. With a confident smile, signs of aging will not only be much harder to detect but will also be the least interesting thing about your appearance.

People will be so drawn to your bubbly personality they won’t even begin to guess your age.

Age is but a number

While many mature women may like to see their friends and family have difficulty guessing their age, the truth is that beauty can be found at any age. Practicing a rejuvenating makeup routine and boosting your self-confidence can easily reduce the appearance of aging in the skin, but no matter what your age, you can show the world your beauty.

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