How to Rock a Minimal Makeup Look for Older Women

How to Rock a Minimal Makeup Look for Older Women

For many women, less is more. If you like a low maintenance morning routine, and a minimal makeup look, this article is for you. 

Minimal makeup can be a great way to highlight specific features with a gentle, classy touch. Your ideal makeup routine is just a few steps away. The key? Great skin. 

While makeup might be able to cover up blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles, why not just nip it at the bud? 

Great skin is accomplished with a great skin care routine. Today, we’ll show you our favorite way to achieve excellent skin care in five simple steps.

Your Daily Routine

  • First Step: Sleep. This is critical. Of course, our quality of sleep and length of sleep are sometimes out of our control. The best thing you can do for your body is regulating the hours in which you rest and rise so that your circadian rhythm stays in sync. Sleep will directly affect many parts of your bodily function and restoration, including how your skin looks and feels. Pro tip: to smooth fine lines, and wrinkles, sleep with a silk pillowcase. It’s softer on the skin, and won’t create the creases that a cotton pillowcase would. You can also opt for a silk eye mask to smooth the lines around the eyes. 


  • Second Step: Wash. You probably don’t need any strong acne washes for a face wash. All you need is a nice, gentle cleanser to rid your face of any dirt or unwanted oils. Using a gentle cleanser once or twice a day will set a soft, clean palette for your makeup. Never apply makeup without making sure your face is clean!

  • Third Step: Roll it out. If you wake up, wash your face, and notice that you have some puffiness perhaps around the eyes, or elsewhere, try this rose quartz roller. It works on reducing inflammation, evening the skin tone, and softening fine lines, and wrinkles. Just gently roll it over your face and neck a few times until satisfied. Pro tip: keep the roller in the freezer for extra soothing coolness in the morning. 

  • Fourth Step: Moisturize. Moisturizer is your lucky charm. Shortly after completing your face wash & roll routine, make sure to apply moisturizer to both your face, and neck. Unsure if your moisturizer is getting the job done? Try this apple cream. When your moisturizer includes anti-aging properties, and all-natural ingredients like this one does, you’ll see undeniable results. Take back your natural glow, notice a tightening of the skin, and relish in the restorative results. 

  • Fifth Step: Sunscreen. No matter your skin tone, and no matter the season, sunscreen is essential. Protect your skin from sun damage. Sun damage can happen every day, even if you don’t get burnt, or notice any immediate change in your skin. It has long-lasting, underlying effects that you won’t notice until it’s too late. If you’re prone to forgetting this step, check to see if your moisturizer or foundation includes SPF.


A bonus step for good measure: water! Drinking the recommended daily intake of water for your age, weight, and gender will help your skin flourish and glow. 

Now, you’re primed for a minimal makeup routine. Pop on some lipstick or mascara, and you’re good to go!

For more tips and tricks about how to optimize skincare and makeup for mature skin, follow our blog, and visit Fièra Cosmetics for all your shopping needs.

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