Is Powder or Liquid Foundation Better for Older Skin?

Is Powder or Liquid Foundation Better for Older Skin?

There are a lot of things that can inform the way your skin responds to certain makeup products. For example: the ingredients, the season, your age, and/or how much makeup you wear in total. 

For mature skin, we recommend a thick liquid foundation. In many cases, powder foundation is not going to provide the coverage you’re looking for, and won’t meet the needs of maturing skin. Let’s talk about why liquid is better for mature skin, and what to keep in mind when you’re making your liquid foundation purchases.

The Ingredients

In the same way that certain food companies will slip in harmful preservatives, makeup brands will slip in toxic ingredients to “help” with skin absorption, or product preservation. But those ingredients will do more damage than its worth. Plus, you don’t want your makeup drying you out, or messing with your hormone levels, or putting your health at risk just for the sake of product preservation! 

To ensure that you are getting the highest quality makeup, make sure the brand and the product are Paraben-free, fragrance-free, BHT & BHA free, and cruelty-free. You can also keep an eye out for formaldehyde, and sodium laureate sulfate — two more ingredients to stay away from regardless of foundation type.

The Season

Your choice in foundation type can also depend on the climate you live in. For example, in a hotter climate / season, you might be more prone to sweating, in which case pairing a setting powder with your foundation might be ideal. Likewise, in colder climates / seasons, you’re probably prone to drier skin, in which case liquid foundation might be ideal. Finding the balance between skin type, and how/where you’ll be wearing your foundation can tell you a lot about what type of foundation you should try.

Your Age

As we know, your skin changes with time. Perhaps you used to have an oily skin type and were accustomed to using powder foundation. As your skin changes, so should your makeup. For many women, aging means drier skin. To ensure the best results possible, make sure you’re moisturizing frequently. For many women with dry skin, a powder foundation can stick to dry spots, and blend less evenly. That’s why it’s important to keep skin type in mind.

The Total Look

Powder foundation will often not cover any blemishes or under-eye bags. Whether you want spot coverage, or a strong base for a “full-face” makeup look, opting for a liquid foundation is the way to go. 

The Bottom Line

Keeping all of that in mind, we recommend matching a thick liquid foundation with a light setting powder. 

Setting Powder Pros:

  • Can absorb excess oil
  • Reduce shine 
  • Provides light, smooth coverage

Liquid Foundation Pros:

  • Full face coverage
  • Provides a good base for other makeup
  • Long-lasting

Make sure your makeup is working hard for you. Fièra Cosmetics includes active ingredients such as silica, and lauroyl lysine, in their setting powder; and sodium hyaluronate, glycerin, vitamin C & E, and haloxyl in their liquid foundation to make sure your skin stays hydrated, soft, and healthy.

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