Springtime Skincare Routine

We’re thrilled for the beginning of spring. The longer days, the sunshine, the flowers blooming.

But spring comes with some specific challenges as well, both for you and your skin.

This is especially true if, for example, you experience seasonal allergies. Congestion, itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, headaches, and throat irritation are just a few common symptoms those with seasonal allergies experience. 

Without a doubt, allergies will have an effect on your skin. It’s difficult to avoid touching your face under those circumstances. In this article, we’ll review why, and give you some tips for a successful springtime skincare routine.

What Happens: 

When you touch your face, you’re automatically bringing germs, dirt, and oil onto your skin and into your body. This can cause blackheads and acne, and it can even make you sick. When you touch your face without cleaning your hands, bacteria are quick to spread. 

Eyedrops, nasal spray, and cough drops are common solutions to seasonal allergies, but if your allergies are severe, contact your doctor for proper allergy medicine. 

If you can help it, try to avoid touching your face when allergies are present. 

What You Can Do:

  • Cleanse frequently: Cleaning your face often will help rid your skin and eyes of the pollen, or allergen cause. Likewise, washing your hands regularly will keep bacteria to a minimum. 
  • Hydrate: Clearing out your system with the daily recommended amount of water is a great way to help manage allergy symptoms. Plus, it will make your skin glow!
  • Switch to glasses: If you usually wear contacts, it might be a good time to switch back to glasses. Dry, itchy eyes can be a nuisance, especially when wearing contacts. Protect your eyes from pollen particles, and make sure your eyes stay hydrated.
  • Roll it out: If you need more frequent relief from allergies, use this neck roller to ease your skin from itching, and redness. Store the roller in the freezer for maximum relief.
  • Wash your makeup brushes: Any brush that you use on your face regularly should be washed frequently to avoid reapplying dirt and allergens to the face.
  • Buy all-natural products: To avoid irritating your allergies more, make sure you’re buying all-natural products. For example, Fièra Cosmetics is paraben-free, cruelty-free, BHT & BHA-free, and fragrance-free.

Your Routine:

  • Exfoliate: Exfoliation will remove any dirt and unwanted oils that your skin accumulates over time.
  • Cleanse: As previously mentioned, cleansing your skin with a gentle cleanser twice a day will help with allergy triggers.
  • Moisturize: Ample moisturizer to your face and neck will protect your skin from any trauma your skin experiences during allergy season. 
  • Sunscreen: With more sunshine comes more sunscreen! The best way to protect your skin from additional fine lines and wrinkles is to apply sunscreen to your neck and face on a daily basis. 

Springtime can be beautiful, and allergy season can be manageable, especially when you feel comfortable with the skin you’re in. 

For more tips and tricks about mature skincare management and seasonal makeup ideas, visit Fièra Cosmetics and the Fièra Cosmetics blog.  

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