The Best Eyeliner Application for your Eye Shape

Makeup trends will come and go, but figuring out what makeup style works for you will forever serve you well. 

If you haven’t tried eyeliner before, or you haven’t figured out what eyeliner style works for your eye shape, this article is for you.  

We’re going to discuss the different eyeliner styles, and how to apply them for different eye shapes.

Eye Shapes 

You might be surprised to learn how many different eye shapes there are, and how your eyelid can play a major role in eyeliner application.  

Some differences in eye shape are so small that it might be difficult to exactly identify your exact eye shape. That said, there are some ways to determine your eye shape with the presence (or lack thereof) of a crease.

For example:

  • Narrow: You have a visible crease in your eyelid when your eye is open and when looking in the mirror you cannot see the whites of your eyes below or above the iris. (The difference between narrow and round).
  • Hooded: You have a crease in your eyelid but the crease folds into itself when your eye is open.
  • Mono-lidded: You do not have a crease when your eye is open.
  • Round: You have a visible crease in your eyelid when your eye is open and when looking in the mirror you can see the whites of your eyes below or above the iris. (This is the difference between narrow and round).

You can further determine your specific eye shape with these potential identifiers:

  • Upturned: Your eyes are lower on the inner corner and higher on the outer corner.  
  • Downturned: Your eyes are higher on the inner corner and lower on the outer corner. 
  • Protruding: Your eyes protrude slightly from your face. 
  • Deep Set: Your eyes are more sunken into your face. 

Winged Eyeliner

One of the most popular makeup styles, winged eyeliner, can be difficult to apply depending on your eye shape. Not every method works for every eye shape, so don’t worry if you feel like you’ve been doing it “wrong” or that you “can’t do it” – with these tricks, you can rock winged eyeliner in no time.  

  • Hooded Eyes: Draw the initial eyeliner line with your eye closed, and then add the wing with your eye opened. 
  • Downturned Eyes: Make your wing sweep upwards a bit to balance out the eye shape. Start sweeping up the eyeliner toward the middle of your eye instead of at the edge so that the winged tip lifts your whole eye.
  • Monolid Eyes: Without much eyelid space to play around with, you might be under the assumption that you cannot wear eyeliner. That’s false! So long as you keep the line thin, you can accentuate your eyes without concern of overdoing it. 
  • Upturned Eyes: Keep the line straight when drawing the wing, rather than sweeping it upwards towards the temple. 
  • Round Eyes: Start your eyeliner in the middle of the eyelid, rather than the corner of the eye. 
  • Small Eyes: If you’re worried about your eyes being too small, or looking smaller with eyeliner, try doing a double wing. With a second wing pulling from the water line, you’ll help widen your eye’s appearance. 
  • Narrow Eyes: Utilize the area of the eyelid to opt for a thicker wing line, if desired.
  • Protruding Eyes: A short wing can really compliment the protruding eye shape. 
  • Deep Set Eyes: Less is more, keeping the line thin will help accentuate your best features. 

Other Eyeliner Advice

Eyeliner should ideally help open your eyes up, rather than closing them off. With that being said, bottom eyeliner can often make your eyes look smaller. To avoid that, try using a thin line of eyeshadow and sweep it underneath your bottom eyelash line. 

If you have a steady hand, you might prefer liquid eyeliner. Otherwise, a pencil eyeliner can be a great option for setting up that perfect wing. Likewise, eyeshadow can be a great option for a softer makeup look. Play around with your favorite colors to figure out what really accentuates your eyes. 

The best base for eyeliner at all ages is the Fièra anti-aging concealer, made for older women with all eye shapes in mind. Apply a thin layer of the concealer underneath your eye, and you will be amazed at how it covers up your imperfections and makes you look younger without settling into wrinkles. It’s our best-selling product for a reason!

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