The BOLDEST Makeover Yet

The BOLDEST Makeover Yet

It’s hard to wrap one’s head around but…
Our “small business” that started 4 short years ago now has almost 1 million women using our products; has become a brand to watch, according to People Magazine, InStyle, Shape and many others. 

What’s the secret to our success? Easy. It’s you.

From the very beginning, you and women like you have inspired us to do better and be better. You’ve done this by speaking up, by telling us what you need, and by being champions of our brand and the pro-age movement. But most importantly, you’ve inspired us by showing us that it’s never too late to level up. That with age comes wisdom, beauty and bold courage. We see you. We hear your stories. And we’re in awe.

One thing you’ve shown us?

We all have permission to reinvent ourselves whenever we want.
And that’s exactly what Fièra is doing.

Our makeover story is inspired by how we see you – confident, courageous, in charge. Wise and fearless. Women who take control and show aging who’s boss. Women who are bold enough to know better than to settle for anything less than they deserve.

Our new logo is a handwritten gesture meant to emphasize the human connection. With a nod to the lost art of cursive writing, it acts as the signature of a growing group of mature women who are committed to making a mark on this world. It’s bold, written with purpose and just the right amount of flair. It strives not for perfection, but for originality and authenticity.

Our colors were chosen with you, our community, in mind. Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. Purple is the ultimate color of femininity. Bright terracotta and peach tones are comforting and joyful.

Over the next few months, we’ll wow you with incredible new packaging to bring these beautiful elements to your space. And you’ll begin to see some of the incredible new products and offerings that we’ve been working hard to create for you. Those you have told us you wanted, and others you won’t want to live without.
We are incredibly excited to be on this amazing journey of growth with all of you.

Here’s to getting better with age, knowing your worth, and claiming what you desire and deserve.

Here’s to you.

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