Things We Do Not Miss about Being Young

Things We Do Not Miss about Being Young

It’s easy to romanticize the past.

But doing so often causes us to forget about all the things we have to appreciate in the present.

So instead of sitting around with 80s nostalgia, let’s remember why it can be very beneficial to leave those days behind and find joy in maturing.

Random Breakouts at the Worst Times

We’ve all been there, especially in our teen years. You have a major event coming up and you can’t afford to have a single hair out of line.

Then, you wake up on the morning of, walk into your bathroom, look into the mirror, and oh no! Right in the middle of your forehead is the reddest zit that you think has ever existed or been documented. It’s the end of the world!

Now, those moments are things of the past for us. Our skin just doesn’t break out like it used to, and it is welcome to stay like that.

Drama Every Third Step

If you’ve been making mistakes for the last few decades, maybe you’ve learned a thing or two!

But when you’re young, sometimes you simply don’t have the maturity to avoid drama, and I’m sure we’ve all said a few things that we look back on now and regret.

Whether we were just trying to hang out with our girlfriends or we were minding our own business, it felt like passions once enflamed more easily than they do now.

It got exhausting! Now, we have more clarity and a certain calmness that comes with having weathered many storms. We also have more confidence to avoid people who mess with our peace and dedicate time only to true friends who help us improve.

Silly things are bound to happen from time to time, but, we are better at handling them with grace.

And the more you’ve been through, the more you realize that the things that once seemed like a massive deal weren’t quite as apocalyptic as you once thought.

The Hundreds of Cosmetics

In our teens, twenties, and middle years, it must have felt like there were five dozen advertisements for some lipstick or foundation or concealer or something else wherever we looked. Everyone wanted you to buy their product which swore to be the best of the best!

Maybe you look back at old photos and can’t believe that there was a time you thought your thighs were too wide or your teeth too crooked, because all you see in those photos is a beautiful young woman.

But there is a lot of pressure on young girls to fit a certain mold, especially from cosmetic companies.

Now, though, we aren’t looking for products that promise to “fix” us. Instead, we accept the women we’ve become, we heighten our standards for what we use, and we know that beauty products are meant to enhance, not change, what we have to offer.

With age comes enough sense to look at the packaging and reviews to know if what we’re buying is the real deal.

Fièra understands where older women are coming from, and we work to give older women the products that we deserve that are made just for us.

We don’t sell miracle creams or magic tonics; we sell products that work and can improve your skin over time so that you can let your natural confidence shine through.

Our Neck Cream is specifically designed for older women like us who are just trying to pamper our skin. 

It is proven to tighten the skin around the neck area to lead to a younger looking face. When given time to work, women cannot stop raving about it’s amazing results!

Getting older isn’t the most exciting thing on Earth, but being young wasn’t everything it’s cracked up to be either!

No stage of life is “perfect” or “the best”, so enjoy every part of it, even with the ups and downs.

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