Tips for Older Women for Becoming a Leader in Your Community

Tips for Older Women for Becoming a Leader in Your Community

Would you like to take on more of a leadership role in your community? Sometimes speaking up can be tough for women of any age, and you may not feel that you’re being treated with the recognition you deserve.

But luckily, even during Covid, there is no shortage of solid communities formed with a base of empathetic and hard-working people. Maybe it’s within your church, your family, or your child’s school, or even in the places you least expect it.

Wherever it comes from, a solid community can improve your quality of life, and even extend your life

Whether you have ideas of your own, or you’re just excited to help others execute their plans, being an active member of your society can make a positive impact on both you, and those around you. 

If you’re new to a community, jumping right in can be daunting. Likewise, if you’ve been an inactive member of your community for quite some time, you might think the moment has passed. The truth is, there is always room for a helping hand in every community. Let your voice be heard, and help make your community a better place to be.

Don’t know where to start? No problem. Here are some ideas for how you can start making an impact in your community today.

Community Outreach

Does your community or neighborhood have an email listserv? Perhaps an online group, or local newspaper? The first way to get involved in any community is by finding out what is going on. The more you know – the more you’ll understand how to help, and how to lead.

Volunteer! If there is a community-related event, volunteer to take on certain responsibilities. It can be a great way to meet others in your group and to show your desire for leadership. 

Even when no events seem to be occurring, ask what you can do for your neighbors. Being a reliable source for those around you is an essential step to proper leadership. Sometimes, it might be a task as small as collecting someone’s mail, or watering someone’s plants. We build communities in order to look after one another, start small. 

Everyone needs help in their own little ways right now. Even while social distancing, you can show your care by taking walks outside, stopping by and bringing food, or sending thoughtful cards in the mail.

Use Your Interests

Do you love cooking? Or reading? Maybe you’re a teacher or a musician. Use your interests, your experiences, and your talents to be a leader. Sharing the things you enjoy with those around you is a wonderful way to connect with others. Even if it seems trivial, or uninteresting to you, spreading those things which bring you joy will inherently bring others joy as well.

The best way to be a leader is to lead by example. If you get up and get out to show your love for the things you do, then the other people in your life will follow by example.

Already Involved?

If you’re already involved in your community, but you’d like more responsibility, take a moment to consider what is preventing you from doing so. Are you nervous to speak up? To share your thoughts and desires? Or maybe you think the approach you’ve tried is unsuccessful. Be honest with yourself, and think about what you can do differently to show your compassion for your community members.

Perhaps you think you need to invoke more respect from your neighbors. In any healthy community, showing respect to others should create a foundation for mutual respect. Once you’ve established that common ground, hopefully, you will feel safe, and excited to speak up and share your ideas. Speaking with authority, clarity, and compassion is a good way to become a successful leader. And as always – be prepared to compromise! Everyone is likely acting with the best interest of the community in mind. If you are concerned about resolving a dispute, take your time, ask questions, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

Start with prioritizing the group and thinking about what you can do to best serve the whole. Recognition for you as an individual should follow.

You’ve got this. Now get up, get out, and earn that respect we all know you deserve!

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