What are GMOs and Are They in Your Makeup?

What are GMOs and Are They in Your Makeup?

One acronym has come into the general consciousness much more in recent years: GMO.

The reason you may hear so much chat about GMOs is that they are quite expansive. You can find the influence of GMOs in food, animals, in textiles and, yes, even in your makeup.

What are GMOs?

GMOs, or Genetically Modified Organisms, are any organism, either plant or animal, whose genetics have been changed via genetic engineering techniques.

For example, certain cows have been genetically modified to include human antibodies. That means that those cows will be able to fight off pathogens that cows otherwise would be vulnerable to.

Because this affects the very genetics of the animal, any babies of these cows will also produce the same antibodies as their parents.

Are GMOs Bad?

While GMOs are not bad for your health, they may be “bad” for other reasons, namely for the environment.

For example, Monsanto owns Roundup, the pesticide. Roundup has been tied to all sorts of negative environmental effects, including the massive die-off of bees. Losing the bees would be not only upsetting but devastating to the entire global food chain.

Because Monsanto also owns many crops and farmland, they have also used GMOs to create crops that resist their Roundup pesticides. Because the pesticide now does not affect their crops (and thus, their profit) they can use the pesticide as much as they want, wreaking havoc on our planet.

Are There GMOs in my Makeup?

GMOs are common in many beauty products, especially in lotions, body washes… and anti-aging creams.

If you don’t pay close attention to which products you use, then you may end up buying anti-aging creams that include harmful ingredients.

This not only includes GMOs, but also pesticides, products tested on animals, or chemicals with proven adverse health effects.

You may not always realize it, but your skin absorbs your makeup, and many of the ingredients that are in your makeup products and creams don’t just affect your skin, but also the rest of your body as well.

That means that if there are GMOs in your makeup, there are GMOs in your body as well, especially if they are in creams that you use consistently, like every night and every morning.

A Healthy Skincare Routine

You want to use makeup that is ethical. You’re a good person, and you expect the same from the brands you use.

That’s why we’ve put together a healthy skincare routine using only ethical Fièra products.

As an added plus, every time you purchase from Fièra, the brand donates a meal to a person in need. This not only gives healthy food to people who need it but also reduces food waste and helps the environment.

Here are the steps to a healthy skincare routine, with all ethically-sourced Fièra products:

In the Evening

Before going to sleep, wash your face with a gentle cleanser.

On the face, apply the Fièra Apple Stem Cell Cream, which will rejuvenate and soothe your skin throughout the course of the night using apple stem cells.

On the neck, apply the Fièra Luxury Neck Cream. Specifically designed for the skin of the neck, this cream will tighten any wrinkles or sagging skin on the neck with completely natural, cruelty-free ingredients.

In the Morning

Again after cleansing your skin, apply the Fièra Citrus Stem C Serum using your fingers. This will wake up your skin, and it also has an all-natural lovely citrus smell that Fièra customers rave about in the reviews.

After applying the serum, use the Fièra Neck Roller to tighten and massage your skin all across the face and neck. This will also help your skin absorb the citrus serum, maximizing the benefits.

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