What is Setting Powder and How Does it Work?

What is Setting Powder and How Does it Work?

Whether you prefer a more natural makeup look, or a more glamorous makeup look, setting powder is key to pulling it all together.

To make your makeup last longer, and to give it a clean, matte appearance, utilize the power of the Fièra Cosmetics HD Matte Finishing Powder

What Makes It The Best?

Fièra Cosmetics is an all-natural company, with active ingredients in every product built to enhance your skincare while also making you look fabulous. 

The HD Matte Finishing Powder specifically includes the following active ingredients: 

  • Silica: For moisture regulation
  • Zea May Starch: For oil control
  • Lauroyl Lysine: A protective amino acid
  • Oryza Sativa Starch: An anti-aging property

What does that mean?

With these ingredients, the HD Matte Finishing Powder will smooth your makeup for a well-blended look, absorb excess oils, and provide total coverage for long-term wear. 

The Reviews

As a Fièra best-seller, the HD Matte Finishing Powder tops the charts with 5-star reviews.

For example:

Review by Jeran on 15 Feb 2021

“Absolutely love the concealer as my foundation. It doesn’t take much to get a beautiful finish. But when I finally bought the finishing powder, it was a game changer. Added an even more beautiful, fresh look. Was not drying or chalky looking at all. Love it!!”


Review by Kathy D. on 23 Dec 2020

“Love this powder! Helps set the concealer which I use as makeup. Doesn’t settle in lines and lasts.”


Review by Jeanne S. on 23 Dec 2020

“This is the first time I’ve used a finishing powder and love it! It adds just enough ‘blur’ to smooth out my complexion.”

Specifically designed for mature skin, this finishing powder is one of a kind.

Your Special Deal

Right now, you can save 33% on your purchase by buying two jars and get one free. The perfect gift for your friends, this powder is perfect for all skin types and shades.

To top it off, Fièra Cosmetics offers free worldwide shipping, and a 30-day money-back guarantee should you be unsatisfied with your purchase or in need of an exchange. 

Pairs Well With…

For proper application, try the Fièra Finishing Powder Brush. With a full brush head and soft bristles, this brush is designed to pick up the powder and apply it to your face seamlessly. Your setting powder application is made easy with this all-natural, lightweight brush.

To maximize your look, there are a few other products you can try as well.

Check out the Fièra Cosmetics Anti-Aging Concealer, and the Fièra Concealer Brush to achieve the healthy look your skin deserves. 

For more ideas about how to master your mature skin, click here to find more posts like these on our blog, and let us know what you think! 

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